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As The Flatpack Professor, I install a very wide range of sports, fitness, and outdoor play equipment across all sizes, forms and brands. Occasionally, there are a few stand outs worth writing home about — and Spalding Basketball Hoops are definitely one of them.

These elite, mega basketball hoop systems offer all the at-home balling you may have been looking for. With a range of hoop systems in portable or permanent form, and a wide range of sizes and shapes, Spalding is a popular choice for those who take their basketballin’ seriously.

If you’re interested in a Spalding basketball hoop for your home, you’ve come to the right place. Not only can I guide you into making the perfect selection, I can also rock up to your house and set it all up for you. A perfect two-in-one — you’re welcome!


Read on for my best Spalding basketball hoop tips.


  • Spalding basketball hoops vary widely across size, form, and budget. For those just starting out, there are inexpensive junior systems available, or backboard-and-net-only combinations that can be placed anywhere to quickly get started on the court.
  • These smaller systems are easy to handle, whether you’re a beginner or pro. They come in a surprisingly small well-packed box (although you may still wish to enlist the basketball hoop assembly service of The Flatpack Professor).
  • Spalding offers multiple size options for the basketball hoop frame. Whether you’re closer to four feet tall or seven, you’ll be able to find the size that suits you best (and get to slam dunking).
  • For those who take basketball most seriously, Spalding offers regulation-size hoops with a glass backboard. Do it like the professionals!
  • The biggest challenge most will find with the Spalding basketball hoop systems is the assembly and installation process. Many Spalding hoops come with an intimidating instruction book that is no less than 40 pages long. This is where The Flatpack Professor’s valuable expertise comes in!


The Flatpack Professor is available for Spalding basketball system installation Sydney wide. We’ll get your Spalding basketball systems set up in no time, so you can save your breath for lay ups, slam dunks, and successful games of Horse.