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Have your new furniture, outdoor sets, or fitness equipment arrived in flat pack form?

Are you overwhelmed with bits, pieces, instructions, and panic? 

If you are located in Sydney, there no need to fear the ever-menacing flat pack. The Flatpack Professor is available to take your home from flat pack nightmare to fully furnished, up-and-running home paradise.

The Flatpack Professor team has years of experience in furniture assembly and flat pack installation of all kinds, from daily furniture items, to large custom kitchens, and home fitness equipment to expansive custom outdoor play sets. The Flatpack Professor has assembled it all, with the expertise and knowledge to ensure sturdy and reliable installations against years of heavy use.


The Flatpack Professor offers assembly
and installation for the following items:

Furniture Assembly — It’s what we do best, and we do it all. Never fear the flat pack again.

Trampoline Assembly — The Flatpack Professor will have you jumping for joy with our experienced trampoline assembly and expertise, including ground levelling and proper placement.

Monkey Bars Assembly — Get your little ones swinging and wriggling around safely and securely (burning off all that extra energy), hassle-free.

Swing Set and Play Set Assembly — Safety and security is most important when it comes to outdoor play equipment. The Flatpack Professor offers peace of mind through reliable, experienced outdoor play set installation.

Fitness Equipment Assembly — No more road blocks towards your personal fitness goals; The Flatpack Professor will have your home gym up and running in no time.

Basketball Hoops Installation — Save your sweat for the court. The Flatpack Professor offers basketball hoop assembly and installation across a wide range of brands.

The Flatpack Professor is your one stop shop for flat pack assembly of all kinds. With limitless possibility for flat pack assembly and installation, The Flatpack Professor is your new go-to for flat pack assembly Sydney-wide.

Trampoline Assembly

We all know trampolines are heaps of fun — but with this jumping-for-joy entertainment comes the importance of a safe and secure assembly.  

 Mastering proper trampoline installation takes time and practice — and luckily, The Flatpack Professor team is backed by years of experience in secure trampoline installation. No need to worry about the integrity of your DIY trampoline installation; The Flatpack Professor’s trampoline assembly service has you covered. 

 From proper spring installation to ground levelling, plus the expertise to ensure best trampoline placement, The Flatpack Professor’s expertise across all major trampoline brands guarantees the best set up for your Vuly, Geetramp, or Springfree trampoline (among many other flat pack trampoline brands). 

 The Flatpack Professor specialises in the assembly of the following trampolines, with assembly experience across many years of trampoline models: 

  • Vuly trampoline assembly 
  • Springfree trampoline assembly 
  • Jumpflex trampoline assembly  
  • OZ Trampolines assembly 
  • Geetramp assembly 
  • Many more! 

The Flatpack Professor team is available for trampoline assembly Sydney wide, getting your family jumping in the air (safely and securely!) before you know it.

Furniture Assembly 

Furniture assembly Sydney-wide is what The Flatpack Professor does best.  

 With years of experience in all kinds of flat pack installation and assembly, from IKEA to your favourite neighbourhood store and all furniture in between, The Flatpack Professor is the trusted source for sturdy and reliable flat pack assembly. 

 Our team has completed thousands of flat pack furniture assembly and installation jobs. No flat pack assembly job is too small or too large; our team has professional expertise in assembling all kinds of furniture. The Flatpack Professor is on hand to take your home from flat-pack-nightmare to fully furnished abode. 

 The Flatpack Professor offers the ultimate in furniture assembly convenience, including home delivery from major retailers. Once assembly of your exciting new piece is complete, The Flatpack Professor removes all packaging and plastic from your home, leaving only a brand new, expertly-assembled piece of furniture. Too easy. 

The Flatpack Professor’s furniture delivery service also includes large-scale flat pack assembly, for oversize items including flat pack kitchens and large outdoor equipment.  

 Simply put: if you need it assembled, The Flatpack Professor can do it — and do it well. 

 For top-tier flat pack assembly and installation across Sydney, including IKEA assembly service, The Flatpack Professor offers assembly of the following:  

  • Bedroom — Beds, bed frames, tables, night stands, benches, drawers, wardrobes, dressers, children’s furniture, occasional chairs, and more 
  • Living Room — Sofas, side tables, coffee tables, occasional chairs, entertainment units, shelving units, bookcases, and more
  • Dining Room — Dining tables, dining chairs, buffets, shelving units, sideboards, cabinets, and more
  • Home & Business Office — Desks, bookcases, shelving units, occasional chairs, office chairs, and more
  • Outdoor Furniture — Outdoor dining sets, lounge sets, outdoor chairs, sheds, play equipment, sports equipment, and more
  • Much more — inquire today!

Monkey Bars Assembly 

With little ones longing to burn energy on an outdoor monkey bar set, it is crucial that installation has been completed securely to ensure long term safety. 

The Flatpack Professor’s team of flat pack assembly experts offers professional monkey bars installation Sydney-wide, specialising in Funky Monkey Bars assembly and Vuly monkey bars assembly. 

With years of experience in building monkey bar play sets, The Flatpack Professor team will tackle all add-ons and custom configurations, bringing your perfect monkey bar set to life — ready for hassle-free safe and secure play time. 

Our monkey bar installation services include the following: 

  • Vuly Play Monkey Bars: Starter Quest Monkey Bars, Family Quest Monkey Bars, Adventure Quest Monkey Bars, Ninja Quest Monkey Bars, and all custom configurations 
  • Vuly Play Monkey Bar Accessories: Netball Ring, Flying Fox, Climbing Ladder, Quest Basketball Set, Cargo Net, Yoga Swing, Shade Cover, QuestRing Swing, Ninja Grips, Roman Rings, Boxing Bag, Gym Rope, Jungle Rope, Punching Ball, Hanging Cubby, Monkey Swing, Toddler Swing, Bounce Swing, Seat Swing, and all Vuly accessories 
  • Funky Monkey Bars: The Original, The Cheeky Little Monkey, The Chimp, The Lemur V2, The Gorilla, The Gorilla Plus, and all Funky Monkey Bars sets 
  • Funky Monkey Bars Accessories: Ninja & Fitness, Swings, Sports, Gymnastics & Circus, Extra Frames, and all Funky Monkey Bars Accessories 
  • And More: Have a different monkey bars set in flat pack form? Contact The Flatpack Professor for set up today! 


Ready to get your outdoor fun up and running? The Flatpack Professor is available for safe and secure Vuly Play monkey bars and Funky Monkey Bars assembly across Sydney.

Swing Set and Playset Assembly 

When sturdy and reliable installation is most important, trust The Flatpack Professor for all swing set assembly and playset assembly projects Sydney wide.  

 The Flatpack Professor’s team of expert installers are backed by years of experience in outdoor set installation, including Vuly swing sets and Vuly play sets — so that we ensure no detail is missed in the secure installation of each outdoor set.  

 Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to play equipment, and The Flatpack Assembly’s team of playset assembly experts offers long lasting peace of mind. Large outdoor equipment sets, including swing sets and play sets of all kinds, require careful experience to ensure safe and secure assembly. 

Luckily, there is no need to become a crash-course overnight expert in the art of play set installation. The Flatpack Professor ensures safe and secure outdoor equipment you and your loved ones can rely on for years to come.  

 Custom play set? No problem.

The Flatpack Professor offers assembly and installation of all sizes, shapes, and configurations of outdoor equipment. We specialise in customisable outdoor sets, such as Vuly Play, with the experience to safely and securely install a limitless combination of play equipment sets. 

 The Flatpack Professor offers a playset assembly service Sydney-wide, for hassle-free set up that will get your outdoor area up and running for tons of playset fun.  

Inquire today for professional flat pack outdoor playset installation across Sydney. 

Fitness Equipment Assembly 

Fitness at home is on the rise, and what better way to get started than to grab yourself a professional piece of fitness equipment.  

Don’t let the hassle of fitness equipment assembly act as a roadblock to achieving your fitness goals — The Flatpack Professor offers a fitness equipment installation service Sydney wide to get your home gym up and running before you know it. 

With years of experience in all kinds of flat pack gym equipment installation, The Flatpack Professor guarantees a strong and sturdy set up, so your gym equipment may work hard to support you. 

Home gym set up can be tricky, and there is no need to become a gym equipment installation professional yourself. The Flatpack Professor will set you on your way towards a happy and healthy lifestyle, with the set up of a sturdy home gym set in all sizes and forms. 

Whether you require set up of an exercise bike, treadmill, or elliptical — or strength training including rowing machines, weights equipment, and more — The Flatpack Professor team ensures reliable assembly that lasts against heavy use for years to come. 

 The Flatpack Professor specialises in the following fitness equipment brands, among many others: 

  • Proform assembly service — Strength equipment, treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, rowers, accessories, and more
  • Nordictrack assembly service — Treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, rowers, accessories and more
  • Celsius home gym assembly — Weights, home gyms, benches, accessories, and more
  • Many more fitness equipment brands! 


Contact The Flatpack Professor for home gym equipment assembly Sydney wide.

Basketball Hoops 

Basketball hoops are a fan-favourite piece of outdoor equipment for at-home sporting fun.

There is no denying that, due to the height and heavy parts of a basketball hoop, it can be quite difficult to assemble upon arrival in flat pack form. 

 If you live in Sydney, you’re in luck — The Flatpack Professor offers a basketball hoop assembly service across all major brands, including Vuly Play. 

Each flat pack basketball hoop is different. Some have steel masts that come in one piece, some have steel masts in multiple. Some require careful adjustment and an experienced installation to ensure long term stability; some are more beginner-friendly (although I still recommend bringing in an expert!). 

 If you want to get to slam-dunking without fear of an unsteady assembly, or simply want to save your sweat for the basketball court, The Flatpack Professor will have your new basketball hoop installed and ready for play in no time. 

 The Flatpack Professor is available for the following basketball hoop installation projects, and more:  

  • Vuly basketball hoop installation, including Vuly Slam Pro Basketball Hoop and all models 
  • Spalding basketball hoop installation, including all models
  • Lifetime basketball hoop installation, including all models 
  • Many more! 

Contact The Flatpack Professor for an experienced and reliable basketball hoop assembly service Sydney wide.