Our Services

Flatpack Professor services clients across Sydney and outer suburbs. From small pieces of furniture to large complex installations, we have the expertise to deliver excellent results for our customers.

Pick up and deliver

We pick up from a wide range of retailers including IKEA, Freedom Furniture, Amart, Target, Costco, Kmart and more. Want us to pick up at a particular store across town? No problem.

There are private and second-hand sellers but these purchases carry risk as there are no guarantees that all the parts are included.

We are happy to assist with second-hand flatpack assembly but take no responsibility for missing parts and the impact this might have on your final furniture outcome.

All we need is the store name and location and we will arrange pick up directly with them. Our SUV vehicle ensures that larger flatpacks won’t be a problem.

We then bring the flatpack to your home and bring it inside ready for assembly. All you need to do is make sure there is a suitable space for assembly .

We will do the rest!

Flatpack Assembly

We offer complete flatpack delivery, assembly and clean-up services. We have helped hundreds of clients across Sydney with flatpack installations for both home and office. 

We can assemble:

  • bedroom furniture including beds, bedside tables and wardrobes
  • bookshelves and shelving units
  • tables 
  • chairs
  • desks
  • cots
  • cabinets including laundry cabinets
  • kitchens
  • cupboards
  • shoe racks
  • gym and fitness equipment
  • cubby houses
  • trampolines
  • play equipment 

Offering exceptional attention to detail we understand the important steps to take prior to furniture assembly and during the build. 

Our organised approach means a clean build and zero mess.

Contact us to discuss flatpack assembly.

Flatpack kitchens

Flatpack kitchens offer affordable and stylish options to modernise your home.

With a huge range of flatpack kitchens on the market, it takes experts to understand the complexity involved in a successful installation.

Flatpack kitchens come in different styles to suit the consumers’ tastes and preferences. You can have an L-shaped kitchen, a galley kitchen, a U-shaped kitchen, or a studio kitchen.

The stylish designs improve the look of your kitchen while allowing you different levels of movement space. However, they are not easy to assemble. They usually involve different products such as base and upper cabinets and shelves that complement each other to give you your perfect kitchen set up. 

It is highly advisable to engage the services of a professional to undertake complex assembly projects such as these. 

Attempting these on your own, without prior experience, could result in significant unforeseen costs and could potentially impact on the final result.

Flatpack Professor are experts in flatpack kitchen assembly and we love the complexity and scale of these projects. Watching the kitchens take shape makes this a truly creative and rewarding experience.

Contact us to discuss flatpack kitchen assembly.

Trampoline assembly and relocation

It is important that your trampoline is assembled to maximise safety. Flatpack Professor brings years of experience in assembling a wide range of trampolines offered on the market today. 

We can assemble the trampoline for you or we can teach you how it’s done so that you are prepared if you ever need to relocate.

Or in the event of a relocation, simply contact us to take care of transferring your trampoline to your new home.

Trampoline assembly is weather dependent so we will work with you to find a suitable time. 

Contact us to discuss trampoline assembly or relocation.

Play equipment assembly

What could be more important than the safety of children? 

Flatpack Professor are experts in the assembly of play equipment, from the smallest of devices to large outdoor playgrounds.

Save money by combining your play equipment assembly service with some new flatpack assembly for other parts of the home.

We can also pick up and deliver your equipment or relocate it if you need to move home.

Contact us to discuss play equipment assembly.


Gym and fitness equipment assembly

It is well documented that sales of gym and fitness equipment for use in the home have increased considerably due to recent world conditions.

It is vital that gym and fitness equipment is installed correctly to reduce the chance of serious harm to members of the household.

Incorrect installation can also damage the equipment itself or the living space surrounding it.

Flatpack Professor are experienced in the installation of gym and fitness equipment.

We can also pick up and deliver your equipment or relocate it if you need to move home.

Contact us to discuss gym and fitness equipment assembly.