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Although not all of us have our own schools to fit out, those that are in charge of the outdoor or large-scale play equipment for a school yard have quite the important job to do. If that’s the case for you (or someone who come to you for advice), you’re lucky enough to be in the right place.

The Flatpack Professor is a professional flat pack assembly service that specialises in large outdoor play equipment, including Vuly Play, Funky Monkey Bars, and the like. This extends to flat pack assembly services for schools, both indoor and outdoor.

As such, I have some words of wisdom about the best play equipment to choose for a school. Let’s get into it.



My major recommendations for school trampolines are Springfree and Vuly trampolines, including Vuly’s Thunder and Thunder Pro models. Each of these brands has their own unique benefits.

Springfree trampolines are lightweight, which makes them easy to move and relocate. It also has a zip entrance, allowing guardians to control access to the trampoline — an important aspect in trampoline safety.

Vuly Thunder and Vuly Thunder Pro trampolines are simpler in their design, which leads to easier maintenance. The Thunder Pro has an additional safety benefit: it is not possible to climb underneath the trampoline (and we all know kiddos tend to make a beeline for the most unintentionally dangerous spots they see).


Monkey Bars

A schoolyard classic, and for good reason. My ultimate recommendation for school ground monkey bars are Funky Monkey Bars, who offers monkey bars of all kinds of colours, configurations and sizes.

Funky Monkey Bars have a very sturdy, simple design, which holds up securely against heavy use for many years. They also provide tons of fun add-ons for these monkey bar sets — the expansion of which helps to ensure each kid gets a fair go on the play set.

Outdoor Playset Assembly

The Flatpack Professor is available for school play area equipment assembly Sydney-wide, for all major play set brands including Vuly Play, Funky Monkey Bars, trampoline brands, and many more.

For peace of mind, The Flatpack Assembly team obtains valid Police Checks and Working With Children Checks.