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Breaking News by The Flatpack Professor

Hello all, and welcome to my News section — where I promise to keep you in the loop on everything new within the world of flat pack assembly and installation.

I plan to keep my loyal flat pack lovers up to date on all my current service offerings, plus some information on exciting things within the industry that we might, collectively, wish to keep an eye on (that’s right, we are friends now). 

In this section, I plan to let you know about new products that might pique your interest, while shamelessly letting Sydneysiders know that I can assist in assembling it.

While my News section (you are here!) is brand new, my Blog is already full of helpful tips, tricks, and stories to keep you knowledgeable (and sometimes entertained) on the world of flat pack assembly.

For now, I urge you to head over to my Blog section for insider product insights, and all my best-kept-secret assembly tips. 

Currently, you have your choice of reading my scathing review of the general public’s worst attempts at flat pack assembly, or my love note to the world-renowned flat pack producer that is IKEA. Find tips on how to choose your best Funky Monkey Bars, or gain insight into what trampoline assembly really entails (and how to actually accomplish it successfully).

When you’re done, I’ll see you back here in The Flatpack Professor’s Breaking News section for more updates on flat pack life than you ever could have hoped for. 


The Flatpack Professor

The Flatpack Professor is available for flat pack installation and assembly Sydney-wide, including the assembly of large play items such as Vuly Play or large trampolines.