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Why I Love the Vuly Slam Pro Basketball Hoop

Practice your slam dunks like a pro with the Vuly Play Australia Slam Pro Basketball Hoop. I’ve had endless fun with this one myself, and as far as flat pack outdoor equipment goes — this one can’t be beat.

Available in both portable and in-ground options, these hoops are one of the most sophisticated and innovative basketball ring systems in the world.

What makes them different from all the rest? The magic is in the hoop’s design.

The steel mast comes in one piece — whereas most competitor products will have the mast in multiple parts that you have to join together (flat pack nightmare if you don’t have The Flatpack Professor’s help!).

The large steel backboards, which are longer lasting than typical acrylic or glass boards, are perforated. This helps wind flow through the structure, preventing it from being knocked over and becoming a safety hazard in windy conditions. These backboards are also double galvanised, powder-coated, and electroplated to prevent rusting.

The height of the Slam Pro can be adjusted to the millimetre, to suit all members of your family — from the littlest players up to the official NBA height, so you’ll never need another hoop again. With no screw-jacks or fixed rings, adjusting is always easy, with the system’s gas-powered strut that raises itself with a simple twist.

The Vuly Slam Pro comes as a flatpack (just like all Vuly Play equipment) and arrives in several large heavy boxes. You’ll need two people for this assembly job. As The Flatpack Professor, in all my immense flat pack skill, I have devised a way to tackle these bad boys solo… but it’s not a technique I’d recommend trying at home.

The simple and elegant design of the Slam Pro means there are limited nuts and bolts to fiddle with. However, assembling the bulky and heavy parts can be tricky.

If you require a helping hand getting this slam-dunk-fun structure together, Sydneysiders can enlist The Flatpack Professor (note: we only offer assembly for the portable Slam Pro, not the in-ground option). 

We’ll get your Vuly hoop sorted for you, so you can save the sweat for the court.