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Level Up Your Play with Vuly Quest Monkey Bars: Assembly Tips & Tricks

If you’ve been here before, you know The Flatpack Professor is a big fan of the Vuly Play brand. My team specialises in the assembly of their products, and I can honestly say — they are worth it!

One of the products that I really love from Vuly Play Australia are their Monkey Bars, known as the ‘Quest’.

The Vuly Play Monkey Bars take this playground classic to the next level. Offering endless configurations, these full fledged play centres are made from a durable powder coated steel frame. For extra fun, they come with dozens of add-on accessories to really let you customise how you (and your little ones) play.

Available in three sizes, including medium, large and extra large, these are the only monkey bars in Australia that also have a shade cover — since we know how important it is that you and your family stay sun safe while playing.

Vuly Play equipment comes as a flat pack ready for you to assemble. I know this can seem quite intimidating at first — but luckily, I’ve provided you with a few tips when it comes to putting together and installing your new monkey bars.

Make sure you have a sledgehammer on hand. This will help you anchor the supplied picks firmly into the ground… crucial for stability in rambunctious play.

When choosing a spot for your monkey bars, don’t stress too much about finding a perfect flat patch of ground. Focus on putting your new play equipment in a few different spots, and really finding its happy place.

Pay close attention when assembling the large and extra large monkey bars. The poles and tubes are varying lengths, and can be easy to mix up… and if you don’t get it just right, the shade cover won’t go on (deep breath, try again!).

Putting together Vuly Quest Monkey Bars can be tricky for a first time installer, even if you’re following the assembly instructions. All those tubes can look the same to the untrained eye, and are incredibly easy to mix up.

I know there is nothing more frustrating than getting to the end of a build just to find out that last piece won’t fit because something along with the way has gone wrong… and now you’re left having to take apart the whole thing and find the problem. A nightmare come true, depending on how you feel about flat pack assembly.

If you’re in Sydney, I’m pleased to let you know that you’re in luck. Save yourself the hassle and get The Flatpack Professor to get this one sorted for you. I’ll put your monkey bars together and leave you to get the important stuff done: showing off your ninja skills on your new play centre.