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Innovating a Classic with Jumpflex Trampolines

Today, we’re discussing a piece of equipment that has been a staple of Australian backyards for generations… the beloved trampoline.

While the trampoline has typically been a source of disagreement among many parents (as they weigh up the risk of the kids hurting themselves from falling off, or getting caught in the springs… all a part of the adolescent experience, I’d say), there is one company taking this classic backyard play equipment piece to the next level — while also increasing its safety.

Jumpflex trampolines, available in convenient flat pack form, are innovative and (obviously) a complete joy. As The Flatpack Professor, I’ve spent many an hour assembling trampolines from this brand. I can truly recommend them to all who are seeking some backyard fun — and I’ll tell you why.

Jumpflex trampolines have been specifically designed for safety and security. The soft material safety net is made from high-strength polyester, securely woven together and containing a UV additive to protect it against sun damage. 

Jumpflex’s SafeSeal system means the nets on a Jumpflex trampoline are completely sealed to the mat around the entire structure — so no one will be slipping out and injuring themselves.

The trampoline’s padded curved poles provide a larger play space for jumpers, while also reducing the risk of any dangerous pole collisions when jumping sessions get serious.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Jumpflex has a number of accessories available to add on, taking this classic past time to the next level. 

Add-ons include the Projam hoop for the best slam dunks, the Smartshade for sun protection, the Aquajet to cool down on those hot summer days. Plus, Jumpflex even has a slide attachment. These guys are the only trampoline supplier in Australia that have a slide accessory… how fun is that! 

If you’re terrible at making decisions about colour choice (fair enough, it gets busy in these brains of ours), Jumpflex make it simple — all trampoline options are only available in a sleek green/black colour way.

For those looking to save on shipping costs, if you are local and/or happy to drive to the Western Sydney area, you can pick up your purchase from the Jumpflex warehouse.

Guess what… we haven’t even reached the best part! You can get your hands on one of these superb trampolines for under $1000. When something is this innovative and well made, it is truly bang for your buck.

Once you’ve got your Jumpflex trampoline home, it is not the time to start complicating the matter. Sydneysiders should leave the assembly process to the Flatpack Professor.

I’ll have your new play equipment up and ready for action in no time!