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Have you given in to the wishes of your youngest family members, or do you aim to create a fun-filled yard to host your loved ones? It is likely that you’re here because you’ve stumbled upon the wonderful possibility of adding a Vuly spring trampoline to your yard.

As a big fan of the brand myself, I have nothing but good things to say about Vuly Play. The Vuly trampolines are fantastic quality, offering excellent safety features and convenient flat packed delivery (by the way: I can help with assembly!).

As each trampoline is a large piece of outdoor play equipment, most folks don’t have experience in assembly and installation of these pieces. Being the generous Flat Pack Professor that I am, I’ve curated my best tips for trampoline assembly and purchase of Vuly trampolines.

  • There are five different Vuly spring trampoline models: Flare, Ultra, Lift 2, Thunder, and Thunder Pro. Flare is an entry level model, with each of the other Vuly trampolines progressively offering higher specs.
  • Flare, Ultra, and Lift 2 are very light, for ease of moving around your garden. Thunder is heavier, and Thunder Pro is extremely heavy.
  • Each trampoline is best installed on grass. If grass is not available for installation, you can install them on a range of outdoor surfaces — but in that case, if the ground is at all uneven, it’s best to purchase levellers. 
  • Vuly Play’s box of levellers contains 2 levellers. However, it is important that you purchase at least 4 levellers for a secure, level fit. It’s a common mistake to purchase just one box. 
  • The Flare, Ultra, and Lift 2 are relatively easy to assemble. Thunder and Thunder Pro are quite difficult to install; I recommend the help of a professional (like me).
  • The difficulty in assembly of the Thunder and Thunder Pro models mainly comes from the installation of the leaf springs. These must be attached in such a way that it is not too pressurised on one side. Initially, you must attach these springs to opposite sides, then continue clockwise — attaching each seventh or eighth leaf spring, and so on, until all are attached. 
  • A common mistake is for customers to purchase both a shade cover and basketball hoop trampoline attachment. Unfortunately, you can’t have both attached at the same time!

Sound complicated? If you’d rather purchase an outdoor play piece that is all ready to go for the family to enjoy, you’re in luck — I’m available for trampoline assembly Sydney wide, including all models of Vuly trampolines and other brands. 

Reach out today for assistance in all kinds of flat pack assembly, both indoor and outdoor.