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Trampolines are built with multiple safety features to prevent friends and family from bouncing out of control and into the next yard. These safety features are extremely effective when assembled correctly… and that’s where the tricky part comes in.

Large outdoor play sets can provide a challenge in flat pack assembly — mainly due to their scale, and the fact that most folks simply don’t have much experience installing them. They can take quite some time, and it’s easy to be intimidated by the scope of the project. 

But don’t worry! As The Flatpack Professor, I’m your trusted source for assembly of all large outdoor play sets, including the various sizes and shapes of trampolines. If you need help with one of the following trampoline brands (among others), I’m the one to call:

  • Vuly Play — My speciality! At The Flatpack Professor, we really love these guys. We assemble all kinds of Vuly Play outdoor flat packs, including trampolines.
  • Jumpflex — High quality trampolines, with various options for secure net enclosures. Got to love it.
  • Springfree — Springless and safe! If peace of mind is what you’re after, these guys have your back. Australia’s safest trampoline, they say.
  • GeeTramp — If you’re in search of a rectangular trampoline, GeeTramp is your answer. This is the only Olympics style rectangular trampoline available for purchase in Australia. And, you guessed it, The Flatpack Professor can install it.

Fear of installation should not deter you from adding pure joy to your outdoor space in the form of a trampoline. Little ones love it — and hey, us big ones do too. 

The Flatpack Professor is available for flat pack trampoline assembly and outdoor play equipment installation Sydney wide. Reach out today to get your outdoor space in top-fun condition.