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As The Flatpack Professor, it goes without saying that I am quite fond of the legendary IKEA brand. With so much flexibility and so many affordable options, I’ll happily talk your ear off about the joy its offerings bring (but for my lovely readers’ sake, I’ll keep it brief today).

The IKEA process generally goes like this: you fall in love with an IKEA item. You drive home, unload it from your car, and carry it into your house to discover you are now the proud owner of… a flat pack. Or multiple flat packs.

Whether you’re new to flat pack assembly, or have had some traumatic experiences with it in the past, you’re likely part of the camp that sees flat packs as a true hassle and headache. 

It’s your lucky day. Nice to meet you, you’ve landed in the right place.

As you can probably tell, I’ve become quite the expert on IKEA flat pack assembly. Sydney is home to three of the greatest: IKEA Marsden Park, IKEA Rhodes, and IKEA Tempe. It’s no wonder we tend to have IKEA fever around here. 

While I don’t assemble the most complex items such as PAX wardrobes, I’m happy to take on the duty of tackling your regular everyday flat-packed IKEA goodness. 

This means that rather than staring at your flat packs for days until you finally convince your significant other to build them for you, you just give me a call. With my IKEA flat pack expertise, I’ll be in and out so quickly (like, in the time it would take you to… screw that piece on to this piece… wait, is that the right one? Where are my screws? Honey, did you forget to bring the second box home?!) — that you’ll barely notice the assembly process at all.

And voila, you’re now the proud owner of an assembled, beautiful IKEA piece. You’re welcome.

The Flatpack Professor is available Sydney-wide for flat pack assembly and installation (note that drop off/delivery is not available for IKEA items). Reach out today for quick, easy, and painless flat pack assembly services.