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In order for The Flatpack Professor to have furniture to assemble, the general public must first purchase this furniture.

Therefore, in all my infinite wisdom and generosity, I am bestowing upon you my tips for how to choose furniture wisely for your home and lifestyle.

•   Consider Functionality — There are many types of furniture for all rooms of the house, as we all live and function differently in our environments. When a piece catches your eye, you must consider whether it fits into how you act in your home. For example, you may choose a fancy wooden coffee table, but find yourself wishing you had a soft, cozy ottoman to kick your feet up onto. You may find yourself in love with an outdoor lounge bed, but in reality, spend most of your outdoor time sitting up at at a dining table. Remember how you actually use this furniture. Or, adopt your lifestyle to meet your new piece… that’s your decision.

•   Choose What Speaks to You — When it comes to interior style, there is no one design theme that reigns supreme over all others. Just like all other forms of art, you must choose what speaks to you, and feels good to you. You love a room to be comprised of dark colours and industrial designs? Stay true to yourself. Want your living room covered in pink furniture and accent fur? You do you.

•   Create a Cohesive Environment — If every aspect of your home design, everyday items, and organisational tools speak to your favourite design elements, you’ll be left with an overall cohesive interior style. This way, even if you leave out a few bits and pieces, you’ll still see a matchy-matchy design story. For example, choose tea towels that fit with the rest of your decor. If you leave one out on the counter, it won’t be as much of an eyesore as if it were in contrast to the rest of your home.

Choosing the furniture is the hard part; assembly doesn’t have to be! The Flatpack Professor is available for Sydney flat pack assembly, offering convenient delivery and clean up for a full done-for-you service.