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Springfree trampolines: Australia’s safest trampoline, they say. I can vouch for these trampolines as being incredibly well engineered. They are another fantastic play equipment company of which I often have the pleasure of working with their products. 

For all you folks searching for an insider scoop on the Springfree brand, I’m here to provide. As The Flatpack Professor, I have years of experience in assembling all sorts of small and large flat packs, including outdoor play sets like Springfree trampolines.

I know my way around their products quite well at this point — and I’m happy to share the knowledge. Read on to see what you should know before your Springfree trampoline installation and purchase.

  • Springfree has a physical storefront location in Greenacre, Sydney. Conveniently, this suburb is quite centrally located, and geographically placed near the A3 highway. Quite ideal, and very appropriate for us Sydney folk — who are known for being the hard work, hard play types.
  • This storefront offers display models of their trampolines. I recommend checking it out if you have any hesitations, or questions you need answered.
  • Springfree is quite a large corporation, with a presence in over 20 countries. The safety of their trampolines is tried and true (when assembled correctly, of course). 
  • There are 8 models of Springfree trampolines to choose from. While they are all quite similar in design, due to Springfree’s signature trampoline styles, they differ in a range of sizes and shapes. You should be able to find a pretty good fit for your outdoor space.
  • These trampolines can be quite difficult to assemble, especially the larger sized models. This is due to the fact that the springs are highly pressurised. This means, for a first-time installer, adding the rods in safely can be quite challenging. 

My experience with Springfree trampolines assembly means I’m available for installation of all shapes and sizes. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ve had your Springfree trampoline installed by a professional. With sturdiness, safety, and security ensured, you’ll know you really do have Australia’s safest trampoline.

The Flatpack Professor is available for flat pack assembly Sydney wide, including all kinds of outdoor play equipment and Springfree trampoline products. Contact us today to get started.