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If you’re a fan of outdoor play equipment (like me), you’ll know GeeTramp is an iconic, true blue Australian trampoline brand, known for providing the only Olympic-style trampoline available to purchase in the country.

If you’re considering purchasing a GeeTramp trampoline for your outdoor space, but curious as to the specifics of the assembly process — you’re in the right place. Not only can I provide a handy how-to, but I can also complete the full assembly and installation process for you (hello, I’m the Flatpack Professor, nice to meet you).

Here’s what you should know about the GeeTramp brand, coming from someone who has completed many a trampoline assembly.

  • GeeTramp specialises in strong and robust rectangular trampolines. If you’re a serious jumper, or looking for a high performance, professional trampoline — these are your guys. Also, for the not-so-professional of us… they are simply really fun to jump on.
  • These trampolines are coloured green, for a visually pleasing fit in most backyards. As an upgrade, you can grab a black edition with black coloured steel. Looking good.
  • The brand’s birthplace and main storefront is located in Geelong, Victoria, near Melbourne. Get it? Gee-tramp, Gee-long? Ha.
  • GeeTramp is quite well known for their fantastic customer service. They are simply great folks to work with. We love a good Aussie business.
  • Overall, these trampolines are very robust, which is great. However, they can be quite difficult to assemble, especially when it comes to the upper cage sections. Don’t be put off by this — it is undoubtedly well worth it!

When you’ve selected the perfect trampoline for your outdoor space, you’ll soon discover the next step is the tricky installation process. If you’d like to avoid this headache altogether (I don’t blame you!), contact The Flatpack Professor for outdoor play equipment and trampoline assembly Sydney wide. 

As a trusted flat pack assembly service, we have the expertise and technical skills to complete a hassle-free flat pack installation for large outdoor play equipment. We’ll provide a professional install, for ever-important peace of mind in the safety and security of your trampoline.