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Funky Monkey Bars is a brand of outdoor equipment that exists solely to make kids’ wildest dreams come true. Even us “grown-ups” can see how incredibly fun-packed these outdoor play sets are, while offering up a heap of healthy physical exercise. 

Funky Monkey Bars installation is where it gets challenging. Your chosen set will arrive as a flat pack. To some folks, this is an utter nightmare. To me, this is where the fun starts. I am The Flatpack Professor, and there is no set too big or too small — I’ll tackle it all. 

That being said, I need you to purchase some Funky Monkey Bars before I can build them for you. So, with so many monkey bar options abound, here is my ever-generous assistance in that purchasing process. You can thank me later (once I have it securely assembled in your yard).

  • I am happy to vouch for the fact that Funky Monkey Bars are very well made products. They are manufactured in Australia, offering high quality play sets that are tough enough to withstand Australian outdoor conditions. They’ve been around for over ten years and have developed quite a refined selection of offerings. I’ll always be the first to champion a fantastic Aussie brand. 
  • There is a wide range of frame types available. Choose between more than 20 frame styles to fit any size of backyard, and match any requirements or personal preferences. 
  • Funky Monkey Bars offers a fantastic line of add-ons for each frame design. Select equipment that speaks to your personal brand of fun: climbing nets, swing sets, punching bags, hammock swings, and so much more.
  • These accessories are interchangeable, so you can always add more and switch them out. The possibilities (and options for family Christmas presents) are pretty much limitless. 
  • The customisation doesn’t end there — you can also choose a colour out of 7 colour options. I’m a purple kind of guy myself. 
  • Funky Monkey Bars are best installed on grass. When it comes to assembly, generally the bigger the model, the harder it will be to safely assemble.

Once you’ve chosen your perfect combination, it’s build time. If looking at your selection of flat packs makes you want to spew, it’s time to pass off the job. 

Luckily, The Flatpack Professor is available for Funky Monkey Bars assembly Sydney wide. I’ll take this one off your plate, so you and your loved ones can get to playing — knowing you’ve made use of a safe, secure, and sturdy play set assembly.