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Kids never stop moving… it can be exhausting just watching them. While we’re reaching for our third cup of coffee just to stay awake, they’re looking for ways to keep themselves busy. 

That’s why the Growplay Monkey Bars are the perfect solution. They provide your children with the crazy outlet they need to get rid of all that excess energy.

Instead of relying on technology to keep your little ones entertained, you can treat them to an exciting outdoor adventure in their own backyard. The best thing about the Growplay Monkey Bars is the ability to choose rom a range of sizes to suit your space, including the Compact Range, Original Range, and X-Range, each with their own level of ridiculous, never-ending fun. 

They’re also all designed with safety as their number one priority (which is our flat pack priority too!). They’re robust and durable in all types of weather conditions… and we all know how harsh the Australian climate can be! 

Let’s get our kids happy and healthy again by giving them something fun to do outdoors. After a day of fun, they’re sure to sleep better too, which is a bonus for both the kids and the adults.

Better yet, this isn’t something your child will get bored of. How often has your child asked you for something that you know they’ll outgrow within months? It happens all the time, and it’s a complete waste. But you’ll have these bars for a long time (and I bet it’s not only the kids who will want to use them – come on, we’re all children at heart!).

They’re height adjustable and easy to put together. If you’re putting these up yourself, here are a few quick tips:

  • We recommend starting with a horizontal ladder.
  • Next, put the poles around the ladder.
  • Continue the assembly from there.
  • As you assemble, don’t forget to attach the accessories. If you forget, you might have to start all over again. 

However, we’re not all builders. The good news is that we don’t all have to be. If you get stuck, simply visit their website for the most up to date instructions and manuals. 

Even better, get the Flatpack Professor to help. That way, you’ll skip the tricky installation, save time on building, and have more time to play on them (because we know you’re going to give them a go, too!).