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Growplay Assembly by Flatpack Professor

Growplay offers a fantastic range of freestanding and modular monkey bars for kids across Australia. With so much activity and rough-and-tumbling potential on the horizon, it’s essential to build a secure, sturdy foundation for every Growplay outdoor play set.

Though these sets are robust, sturdy, and full of never-ending fun, the assembly and installation part is where it gets tricky. At Flatpack Professor, we offer a professional and convenient Growplay assembly service, so your kids can get to monkeying around without any hassle on your part.

Growplay Monkey Bars Assembly

At Flatpack Professor, our Growplay monkey bars installation is: 

  • ✓ Reliable, secure and built to last 
  • ✓ Completed by experienced professionals, specialising in Growplay monkey bars
  • ✓ Cleaned up and cleared out upon completion
  • ✓ Backed by police checks and Working With Children checks

Choosing Your Growplay Monkey Bars

There are three Growplay signature ranges, and Flatpack Professor is available for Growplay monkey bars assembly of all kinds:

  • The Compact Range suits smaller spaces and younger ages with a range of thrilling monkey bars and accessories to keep little minds busy.
  • The Original Range is Growplay’s flagship product, featuring a collection of monkey bars and accessories that keep the fun going from morning til night.
  • The X-Range is where Growplay gets extreme, with limitless monkey bars, accessories and equipment for never-ending entertainment.

Growplay Monkey Bars Accessories

From basketball sets to rock grips, Growplay’s range of monkey bar accessories is nearly endless — and the Flatpack Professor safely, securely sets up every accessory and more. 

Need more tips for choosing your Growplay Monkey Bar set? Check out the Flatpack Encyclopedia for more information. 

Once you’ve selected your set and brought it home for limitless play, the Flatpack Professor will arrive on-site and assemble your set, without any hassle or clean up required from you. It’s the easiest way to get your kids burning energy in the backyard, with a secure installation that lasts the ages!