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Oh, IKEA: the wonderful place where we wander through a never-ending maze with thoughts of, “I want that”, “I must have that”, and “Put that in my cart. Now.”

While it is easy to, quite literally, get lost in the loveable behemoth that is IKEA, there is one thing that even the most IKEA-obsessed tend to dread:

IKEA assembly.

A terrifying phrase, a truly scary thought, and a very daunting task. Though the furniture and organisational pieces are so wonderful and friendly to our budgets, the designated “IKEA-builder” of the household may tremble at the thought of new flat-pack purchases brought home. 

Fear no longer. You’ve arrived at the solution.

The Flatpack Professor is your trusted IKEA assembly service, Sydney-wide and surrounds. With one call or email to us, we’ll hop-skip-and-jump our way into your living room to assemble your new IKEA pieces, then dash out just as quickly as we’ve arrived (with packaging and boxes in tow, so you don’t have to worry about clean up). 

Think of us as the IKEA fairy who sprinkle a little magic around your home, and leave you with IKEA pieces assembled, installed, and ready for use — before you know it.

This means you can indulge in the wonders of IKEA whenever you want, without fear of tricky, time-consuming assembly.

Our IKEA assembly service is now available across Sydney and surrounding suburbs. Whether you’re living alone and just can’t be bothered, or you’re the designated IKEA assembler of the family and ready to be done with that forever, The Flatpack Professor is your new go-to team for IKEA assembly.

Contact us to get started with IKEA assembly and installation Sydney wide. See you then… assuming you can escape from the IKEA maze!